Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jersey Love

Disclosure: Caesars Entertainment is a generous sponsor of the #JerseyLove Social Media For Social Good Trip.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend? We are headed to the beach! The Jersey Shore to be more specific. This is special not only because the beach is awesome, but because New Jersey has a special place in my heart.
My true love is from New Jersey. The first time we took our son to the ocean was when he was 15 months old and this rite of passage took place in Atlantic City. We've been back with him several times since and watched him play in the sand, splash in the waves and collect jellyfish. This past summer we once again visited Atlantic City, and this time it was his little sister's first visit to the ocean. She was only two months old, but she dipped her toes in and promptly fell asleep in the shade. Many treasured memories. The Jersey Shore is special to our family.

This is why I'm especially excited and honored to be part of a group of forty women from around the country who will be headed to Atlantic City this weekend for a #JerseyLove retreat.  Ceasars Entertainment and D6Sports will be rolling out the red carpet for us so that we can check out all that the Jersey Shore has to offer.  The goal of the four-day retreat is to raise awareness and shine a light on the re-opening of the Jersey Shore for the 2013 season.

I hope if you have some vacation dollars to spend you'll consider heading to the Jersey Shore.

I'm so glad to see the shore open for business, but I haven't forgotten that there are many places that are still rebuilding.  If you are interested in lending a hand check out Occupy Sandy or Red Cross.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences here and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  I hope you'll follow along!


  1. A totally new playground to discover! Have a lovely time at the beach

  2. Harmony B6/06/2013

    Great post!
    While there are many places rebuilt or repaired, there are many places that look like the storm happened last week. But as a resident of the jersey shore who lost my home there is a long way to go for many. We ALL greatly appreciate the support.

  3. My family had a wobbly summer house in Ocean City that they had built in the 1940s. I grew up in New England, but I loved going to the Shore every summer-warm water, big waves, sticky buns, boardwalk, taffy! Hope you have a great time.