Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joint Birthday Party

Over the weekend we got together with family and a few friends to celebrate both Leo's third birthday (last week) and Zoe's first birthday (next month). 

It was very similar to Leo's first birthday party - right down to the location. A simple park picnic with some awesome food and great company. Much like the first time around, it was quite windy in the pavilion. The day was actually gorgeous, I just think that pavilion is a wind tunnel!  

We once again made (and broke!) piƱatas. The kids played at the adjacent playground while the adults chatted. 

After we made a dent in the potluck dishes we moved on to cake. First we sang to Zoe with a banana-blueberry (cup)cake with cream cheese icing. 

Leo handing her the cupcake of honor. 

She enjoyed her first taste of (low sugar) cake immensely. 

Then we sang to Leo with his "Three" cake. He had requested a chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake, so I replicated a Pinterest cake I'd admired earlier in the year. 

I think I was as excited as he was. 

And he was pretty excited. 

When I cut into it he exclaimed, "Chocolate!" And then immediately called, "Pops! Do you want some of my cake? It's chocolate!" Because he knows pops shares his love of chocolate cake. 

I had worried while Larissa and I carefully placed each of those m&ms on the cake that the work wouldn't be worth it in the end- but the look on that kid's face was perfect. 

I think the kids had a good time and it's always nice to gather the family for a celebration. 

Perhaps in a few years the kids won't be as excited about the idea of having a joint party, but it was really sweet for them to share the day. 


  1. Jill S.5/29/2013

    Looks like fun! Congratulations on another year!

  2. Jill S.5/29/2013

    Oh, I meant to ask- Do you sing a song in Spanish while the child hits the pinata?