Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WW: Summer Full Throttle

When I loose my posting rhythm I feel like I can't jump back in until I've got something great written - but then I just don't post at all.  So here's an admittedly lame post - you know, to take the pressure off.  We are doing summer full throttle.  We are having a blast.  We are busy.  We are exhausted.  

Tuckered out

(Special Delivery Snazzy) Super Kids to the Rescue!  
Zoe hasn't gotten the hang of coloring just yet
But she can fight a pretend fire with the best
Sister Cities Spray Ground - AKA our second home
Tired kids


  1. geez oh man.. I seriously feel like I finally got a breath of fresh air, my next fix, whatever you want to call it. THANK YOU FOR POSTING!

  2. Kathy Chamberlin7/21/2013

    They are SO cute!! Big Girl's standing all by herself! Where have I been?? They're just adorable. Please post when you can; enjoy the updates and pictures so very much.