Friday, July 5, 2013

Back in the Burgh

We are in Pittsburgh for the week and, it's been so nice spending time with the family.  The getting here was an ordeal - well, nothing dramatic, just drawn out.  We haven't been making great time on the road for our trips to Pittsburgh - last time we took nine hours to get home and this trip we made eight hours from Philly to the Burgh.  These are not good times.  Without kids the drive should take 5.5 hours - with kids, we've made it comfortably in 7.  We are quite familiar with all the Travel Plazas on the Turnpike.

Late night rest stop
Now that we are here we are having a great time, but it is H. O. T.  My parents don't have central air, and I have been totally spoiled by having it in our apartment.  Still, we've been finding ways to keep cool.
Water fight!

Refreshing Snacks
Fun in the sun
Low key needlepoint
The days are full and the kids are fighting naps because they don't want to miss a moment - so at bedtime they are falling fast and hard.

Down for the count

Ready for bed (really really ready)
Zoe's bum makes a great pillow

My dad is doing pretty well.  He had two rounds of chemo and was going to have his third this week but his white blood cells were low so he has this week off.  Overall he's been a champ about chemo, but it's been nice having him feeling better and with more energy than we were expecting.  He's sure needed it to keep up with the kids.  He's thin and tired, but cracking jokes, requesting milkshake deliveries and spending some quality time with the little ones.

Leo and Grandpa bond over their love of sandwiches
Even though it can be a trek getting here and it feels so difficult to get away from "real life" in Philly and we miss jb, I'm so glad we come regularly and spend sizable chunks of time here.  I think/hope my family is too.  Even Uncle Nick who gives up his room and his bed so that we have a place to sleep.  I think the kids are making wonderful memories and forging strong relationships with family members they would otherwise only see sporadically.

They are happy as long as they are together
It's good for all of us.  Remind me of that tomorrow when it hits 96 degrees. ;)


  1. Rebeckah Leatherman7/05/2013

    Family is everything. Everything. I am glad you make the trek. The kids are adorable. Take lots of pictures with your Dad and the babies.

  2. Clairissap7/06/2013

    Glad you made the trek and are spending quality time with your family. The kiddos look very happy, grown up and so bonded! Hope the heat abates some! Take care:)

  3. The cute, I die! So many great photos of them together. Zoe looks just like Leo!

    I love it when they crash super hard. We had a few hot days here and it was not fun. Sebastian didn't want to accept that he was hot, refusing to take a cool bath or drink extra water, or let us wet down or pull back his long hair. As a result, he was super cranky.