Thursday, August 1, 2013

Date Fail

I'm almost embarrassed to admit how long it had been since jb and I had been out on a date.  The last time we were out was to see "Young Adult" in December 2011 (over six months before Zoe was born).  Each year Larissa and Nick (two of my siblings) get us a "date night package" which includes an offer to babysit, a new article of clothing to wear and a gift certificate.  It's super sweet and we really enjoy taking advantage of it (this reminds me that we still haven't cashed in this year's package). it's been a while since we've been out without the kids.  Not yet in Zoe's lifetime.  We always say we should, but then we just never do.  Until tonight.

Today jb took a half day at work, arranged for Uncle Daniel to watch the kids and invited me out on a proper date.  I felt swept off my feet.  I was positively giddy.  She even researched movie times so that we could be home by bedtime (because Zoe is used to nursing to sleep).  We set out with the intention of seeing a movie that ended up being sold out - so instead we bought tickets to the next screening of a different movie.  

With an hour to kill we headed to a coffee shop and just as we were about to order jb mentioned something about being hungry and I insisted we go to the sandwich shop next door to get food - well, they were mediocre cold sandwiches in a fast-food style setting, so my brilliant idea derailed the date from the beginning.  Still, I was sure we could come back from it.  And we did have a lovely time talking (and finishing our sentences!) over our lack luster meal.  

As the movie time neared we walked back over to the theater and got seats in our favorite row (front row of the stadium section with the bar in front to put your feet up) and settled in.  Now the movie we ended up buying tickets for was "The Conjuring," a horror movie.  I thought this would be fine - fun even.  We've enjoyed scary movies in the past and it never hurts to clutch your date's hand, right?  

Well, about twenty minutes into the movie I was so terrified I was crying.  Like tears.  And maybe hyperventilating a bit.  I don't know if the movie was just that terrifying or if I've entered an era of my life where I'm just not suited for scary movies anymore.  Either way, jb very chivalrously led me from the theater and comforted me until I was less of a mess.  (You know what's totally embarrassing? Overhearing a 12 year old girl say to her friend, "Is that lady crying?")   At this point Daniel texted that while everything was fine, Zoe was getting a little fussy, so we decided to call it a night and headed home.  

So one blah sandwich and 20 minutes of a movie after we'd left, we were back home.  Our first date in almost two years was kind of a bust.  And I feel totally responsible.  I hope this doesn't keep jb from asking me on another date for another couple years... Perhaps I'll just have to be the one to ask and redeem myself.  


  1. Your failures make me laugh...good one sister!

  2. lifewithkaishon8/12/2013

    My kids begged to go see that and I asked them if they were crazy! Is that the one where there is a priest waiting int he lobby afterwards because it is so scary?

    I hope you can go out again soon and get a delicious meal : ).