Monday, August 5, 2013


We've had a great weekend.  On Friday we met some internet friends who were visiting Philly - and we loved them even more in real life than we do on the interwebs.  Then on Saturday we had an "at-home" kind of day.  Mama slept in, Dad got a nap, the kids played inside and outside and we baked muffins.

On Sunday we set out for one of the last remaining items on our Summer Bucket List: Go to farm to pick our own _____.  We headed over to Linvilla, grabbed a bushel, hopped on the tractor and were set loose in the peach orchards.

Leo was VERY impressed by the size of the tires

Ready to pick some peaches

The day could not have been more beautiful
It worked out very well because the small trees were low enough for the kids to reach branches and ripening fruit.  Leo kept referring to it as a forest and he loved ducking between the trees.

Zoe LOVED the peaches

She would share - but wouldn't let anyone else hold it
Zoe ate almost an entire peach while we were picking.  She was happy to offer everyone a bite, but if you tried to take it out of her hand she would scream at the top of her lungs until you returned it to her.  To be fair - it was the most delicious peach any of us had ever tasted.

Leo was more interested in climbing trees

Although he did pick a few

After our picking adventure we stopped for a late lunch and when we got home Leo and I sliced up all the peaches and made a peach crisp.  Since we had recently eaten - we told Leo that we could have peach crisp and ice cream for dinner, just this once.

Peach Crisp
Over our (freaking phenomenal, if I may say so myself) crisp dinner we went over our summer bucket list and checked off the farm visit.  I love having a summer bucket list for lots of reasons - but especially now when it feels like summer is running out it's a concrete reminder of how much fun we've managed to squeeze in.


  1. This warms my heart! What a great day for all of you to remember!

  2. lifewithkaishon8/12/2013

    Your peach crisp looks delicious! : )
    We haven't picked anything this summer. We should.
    LOVE the peach share-er. How cute is she?