Friday, September 6, 2013

Nest Is Where It's At!

Disclosure: Nest has provided enrollment in classes for my family, but all opinions are my own.

The kids with Miss Naeemah, their music instructor
It's no secret that our Family loves taking classes at Nest.  I've written about it here and over at Philly Kids Thing.  I've talked about the friendly front desk staff, the awesome teachers and how much we love the space itself.  Last year Leo took soccer, over the summer Leo and Zoe both took a music class together and this Fall we've signed Leo up for a gymnastics class - and he is SO excited about the balance beam he is ready to burst.

One thing I love about Nest that I don't think I've mentioned is the location.  I cringe when people think you have to head to the 'burbs to find family-friendly spaces and activities.  I know the city is full of them, but I don't always take advantage of them the way I should.  I often say I wish I made it into Center City more - and with only a short train ride in between, there's really no excuse.  When we are enrolled in a class at Nest we go into the city every week and it reminds me how easy and wonderful it is.  These are the top four reasons I love Nest, not just for what it is, but also for where it is:

1.  Public Transit Accessible: We take the blue line and the Market-Frankford train drops us off just blocks away, but there are at least a dozen stations and stops for bus/trolley/train loving people.  (If you prefer driving, never fear- Nest offers discounted parking at a nearby lot for members!)

2.  Restaurants and Shops: Brunch at Green Eggs Cafe? Lunch at El Vez? Or just some gelato from Capo Giro for a post-class treat?  It's all within a couple blocks.  Don't forget to window shop at all the little boutiques along the way.

3.  Proximity to Other Family Friendly Attractions: After class, we often find ourselves wandering the city (Center City has such a different vibe than our neighborhood only a couple dozen blocks away!) and we can end up at Franklin Square, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Love Park, The Liberty Bell or Sister Cities Park.

4.  Gayborhood: It's right in the heart of Washington Square where the street signs are rainbow and the people don't bat an eye at our family.

Thinking about signing up for a fall semester class?  They start August 9th (that Monday!) - so don't delay.  Let them know you are a WestPhillyMama reader and get 20% off enrollment.  You can check out the schedule here - and note there are plenty of Saturday classes for working parents!

Perhaps we will see you there!

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