Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zoe: Throwback Photo Shoot

While we were in Pittsburgh, my mother and I dug through the baby clothes of mine she had saved.  We pulled out outfit after outfit and remembered my and my sisters' childhood.  There were a few that were quite summery and didn't look like they would fit Zoe next year, so we did a quick photo shoot to make sure we had a couple snaps of her in these outfits.  Now I just need to find the pictures of myself in them...

Sadly, the clothes were mostly baby clothes and/or dresses, so there wasn't much for Leo to try on - but he did take a shine to this hat:

I don't even want to think about the clothes I want to keep to hand down to the kids...I just have EVERYTHING stored in tubs in a closet downstairs.  Because if I pare down, that means I've decided not to have anymore babies...like officially.  And I'd just like to keep that decision unofficial for a little bit longer.  

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