Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boring Day At Home

The truth is we can't do more than a couple "at home" days in a row.  Not so much because they are boring...but because our apartment can't contain all the excitement that the Leo and Zoe duo bring to everything they do.

It starts out easily enough.  They play nicely together for a bit.

Awww, how sweet.
Then there is some event that turns things from calm playing to...chaos.  Usually it's incited by Zoe.

And they're off
Of course Leo is a willing participant.

They whirlwind around for a while...until they tire out or someone gets hurt.

Then energy level takes a nose dive.

So I try to transition to a calmer activity - like reading stories - with the hopes that Zoe will fall asleep.  Leo rarely takes naps these days, and Zoe is all over the place.  Sometimes she takes one nap, sometimes two. So the best I can usually hope for is that Zoe zonks out.

Of course they are unpredictable.

At least someone is sleeping

Then my main goal is to keep the awake child from waking the sleeping child.  But even I'm powerless against Zoe trying to give Leo tea in his sleep.

Tea for two (consciousness optional)

Then the cycle starts again.

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  1. Christina Jackson10/01/2013

    Love this! It's the same with my twins:)