Friday, November 15, 2013

Goodest Parenting

Leo, Zoe, jb and I were engaged in a game of catch and predictably, Zoe was mostly dropping, handing, or just holding the stuffed animal that we were taking turns tossing to each other.  Leo was doing pretty well being patient and giving her space to take her turn - no matter how slow and non-deliberate her efforts were.

During one turn, after Zoe had dropped the stuffed animal several times, Leo was trying hard to maintain a friendly voice as he encouraged her pass it to the next person.  Finally he sighed and said, "Zoe, you are not the goodest at playing catch."

jb and I exchanged a look of mild concern.  I guessed we were thinking the same thing.  That wasn't the nicest thing to say and we should probably remind him that she's still learning and is trying her best.

We both took a breath to talk - made eye contact again, and I gave her the signal that she should take this one.

Then jb says, "Leo, you should say, 'Zoe, you aren't very good at this game' or 'You aren't the best at this' because 'goodest' isn't a word."

Not on the same page, apparently.  ;)

I suppose sometimes there are two lessons.


  1. Classic jb.

  2. Oh my. : ) I don't think he was being mean at all. Isn't it funny how people see things differently? Life is short. Don't sweat the small stuff. He sounds like a lovely kid! Happy Friday!