Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Philly Spotlight: Cobblestone Kids

Leo just had his third dentist appointment and for the third time, he left smiling.  I think this is a major testament to his dentist.  Leo is a nervous kid.  He's shy and he takes a bit to warm up to new people and new situations.  Before his first dentist appointment, I worried we would have a slow and painful acclimation to dental visits...but I was pleasantly surprised.

Cobblestone Kids is the pediatric dentist office where our family has fallen head over heels for Dr. George.  Located in Center City, the office is perfectly adorable.  From wooden toys (and a TV and video games) and tooth shaped stools in the waiting room to exam rooms with themes like "Under the Sea" or "Dinosaurs."  The receptionist (Thank you for helping me figure out my insurance!) and dental hygienists are warm and friendly.  There is nothing we don't like about Cobblestone Kids - but the real reason I shlep two kids across town on two trains is Dr. George.

Leo loves him because he's funny, silly, and easy to talk to.  I appreciate that he's knowledgable, non-alarmist and gives clear and direct answers to questions.  We all are grateful to have a healthcare professional who is calm, patient, kind and really takes his time.  He explains everything in terms that I can understand and makes sure Leo understands basics about dental care.

The dental chairs have TVs overhead - which was helpful to get Leo to relax.  Dr. George always takes the time to explain what he's going to do and show Leo the tools he is going to use (he even uses the tooth polisher to "polish" Leo's fingernails) and has Leo assist by holding the toothpaste and mirror (genius for nervous little hands) during the exam.  Leo delights in choosing from the extensive list of toothpaste flavors - he almost always chooses chocolate.

Then, to top it all off, at the end of each visit Leo gets a little bag with a toothbrush and other dental goodies along with a coin.  Why a coin you ask?  Because of this baby:

Image courtesy of Cobblestone Kids
Yes, the coin can be redeemed for a number of awesome toys dispensed in a plastic egg.  As you can imagine, Leo thinks this is the coolest thing ever.

An added bonus for me is that Dr. George is an out gay man and is active in the local LGBT community.  Cobblestone Kids has sponsored the Philadelphia Family Pride newsletter on several occasions and I've see Dr. George out and about at events.

I know we aren't the only West Philly family that love Cobblestone Kids - whenever anyone on our neighborhood list asks about a pediatric dentist recommendation I always chime in with a glowing endorsement of Dr. George, but lately, others are beating me to it.  The word it out - and I'm so glad because everyone deserves a dentist like Dr. George.  I'm so very glad he is my kids' dentist and that their first dentist experiences have been so positive.

(I'm not working for/with Cobblestone Kids and haven't received any compensation for writing this review - I just really am happy with out experience there!)


  1. Mommy Call11/14/2013

    Agree! We loved Dr. George. My 2-yr-old just had his first visit and keeps asking for Dr. George every night when brushing his teeth-- he can't wait to go back!

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