Thursday, October 4, 2007


so one day i think it was a saturday day and i and larissa were craving pizza. so badly so we said lets call! the only one we saw was dominos but more like 50 dominos whoa mamma thats alot of numbers. but we saw that one was near us so me and dad said we can walk that. But as every one is going to predict. larissa says i dont wanna u guys go and ill stay hear. so me and dad go on our journeywe walk down hekelpan so sight so we ask. we ask a laddy and she say oh that about three blocks. so im smart and say dad lets go back he respondes why. i said dad these blocks arnt like PA the first block ends way over there. so as everyone know dad respondes with nonsence we can walk it. OK i asyy with a sigh. First block no big deal but half way through the second. one it gets so triring and dad has his eye one the pan dulce cart so i have to yak him away . third block im thinking that lady just wanted use to suffer. it already geting darks and were exasted. then we come to a circle type 4 cars. i see a premex i said want to go to the premex for the rest of the trip dad says no i want to go to dominos first . urrrrrrrrrr! but i see a dominos sign we must be close i look behind me and all around wears dad hes in the dominos next to the premex i just had a hommer simpon moment and im proud of it

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