Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mexico sorry no pics

Hey everyone hows it going over there? things over here r good. But when mom left we stopped having mexican food the first night we had hot dogs then it got better juanitta came and made us dinner the day before the pounded chicken with breading.mmmmmmmmm!!!! Then back to gringo food sandwitches and potato salaed but today we had relly good tostadas made by chef daddy. Im craving some cheesy chips and hot wings. since were eating all this good but yet unhealthy food larissa nad i creatied a game with jump roping. first some one dose as many jump rope as they can and then u try 2 bet it. But larissa didnt know that im good the record so far it 86 first day. + we have an ative dog fee fee. dad every day this is his shcedule once we leave he goes on the computer then mabe goes down town to get some pan dulce ( he has an addcition to it) and then we come home and waits for the moment that he can say pandulce time. ps sorry no pics


  1. Juanita is such an awesome cook! I miss her food.

  2. just to show you the strength of solidarity, nicko - i haven't had cheesy chips since your last night in the burgh!