Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vegas, Baby

I'm currently in Las Vegas for work. The trip did not start out great since last night I made it here but my luggage did not - luckily it was just a couple of flights behind me and it arrived early this morning. I was not looking forward to presenting today in my day old sweaty travel clothes and without any of my materials, but luckily that didn't happen.

Today I had three 2-hour workshops to present back to back. I made it through, but I'm pretty exhausted. Still I'm going to try to muster up some energy to walk around a bit before I crash. The hotel I'm staying at is on the strip and I should really take advantage of the opportunity to explore Vegas.

Mostly, Vegas really isn't my thing, but still, it's...something. So much excess and over-the-top-ness. My hotel has live flamingos in the back courtyard and waterfalls and ponds with koi the size of ducks.

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  1. Sounds stresful and tiring but the hotel sound incredible. I dont get how workers lose peoples luggage!?!...!?