Saturday, October 13, 2007

We all want to change the world

I have to admit that I've had a good time here in Vegas. I haven't done any gambling (I really just don't find it fun, which is surprising since I'm such a fan of recklessly wasting money), but I've tried to get out.

1. Walked around the strip and some of the hotel/casinos. It really is nuts how much money is poured into this six blocks. I almost feel guilty being impressed.

2. Took a tour of the Hoover Dam (which was totally not worth it). I thought maybe the Hoover Dam was like the Grand Canyon - pictures just don't do it justice - you really need to see it in person. But no, it's pretty similar to the pictures. Also, the ticket was pricey, and the tour took four hours which could/should have been spent in better ways.

3. Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE. Also a pricey ticket (and I started to panic after having buyers remorse for the Hoover Dam tour and realizing that even without gambling one can't help but hemorrhage money while in Vegas), but worth every penny. It was glorious. The Beatles' music is pretty emotional for me to begin with - both my parents enjoy them and it reminds me of when my dad would set me up in their bedroom, play their records and I would read along with the lyrics from the record sleeve. The show was just amazing and now I'm super excited to see Across the Universe.

Now I'm back in my room. I ordered room service and I'm working on my remarks for tomorrow. I'm on the panel during the morning plenary and soon after that I will be catching a plane back home.


  1. and by super excited, you mean ...

  2. Yes, thanks for the reminder. Across the Universe was A-W-F-U-L. I felt so bad for dragging jb to see it. Oh well, you live, you learn.