Monday, June 9, 2008


It's hot. hot. hot. hot. Too hot to eat, too hot to work, too hot to move. Talula is a panting drama queen and the kittens barely budge between noon and 6 pm. During the hottest part of the day I throw Talula in the shower for a cold water regaderaso since pugs are prone to overheating and I'm a nervous nellie. Aside from that, there's not too much action around here.

This morning jb and I went to check out the new bakery Hoi Polloi will be using (Allegra Hearth in Squirrel Hill) since we dumped our old bakery. The bakery we were using is all the way in Robinson and they wouldn't deliver to us because there were no other locations near us carrying their product (or so they said) so we'd go out there to pick up the bread a few times a week (read: pain in the arse). Well, just recently, Beleza began carrying their bagels, so that would mean there would be two Northside businesses using their product, so we were excited to finally get delivery. Well, it turns out that they weren't being entirely truthful about why they wouldn't deliver to us, and now are refusing to deliver to the Northside because it's "too dangerous" for their driver. The owner went on and on about it. Between insulting our neighborhood and the overall pain they've been to work with, jb sent them packing, so now we are in the process of switching bakeries. On the bright side, Allegra has a great product, is closer, and will deliver.

After checking out the bakery jb and I went to grab some breakfast together, which we hardly ever get to do. We are also in the early stages of our latest collaboration, so we have plenty to giggle and whisper about. It was a lovely morning. Then we returned home to our hot house.

Tomorrow we have dinner with friends of ours from DC who coincidentally also moved to Pittsburgh (cause all the cool kids are doing it). I'm excited to see them and catch up. We used to work together in what seems like a different lifetime. Back when I was was an intern by day and a waitress by night and could hold my liquor like a champ while rocking the karaoke scene until the wee hours only to be at work at nine am. Ha! Gosh I wouldn't even recognize myself.


  1. yes it has been hot hot hot...i'm glad that your friends are moving into town.. pittsburgh is THE GREATEST

  2. Anonymous7/26/2008

    mediterra? yeah, they seem a little odd to me too, but they got their starter from zingerman's...

    on the other hand, what's wrong with breadworks right up the road?