Friday, June 20, 2008

Herding Kittens

Well, my new battery charger arrived in the mail, and not two hours later, I found the missing one. Ahhhh life.

I tried to get some shots of the foster kittens, but it was like, well, herding kittens. Here are the best shots I could wrangle.

Rufus - Grey poofy one. Grumpy and greedy. He has so much fur he can't seem to walk right and wobbles around being crotchety.

Mabel - The tabby. She's sweet and pretty, but fairly nondescript. Likes to cuddle, but at all the wrong times, like when you are asleep.

Felix - The black and white one. Also pretty run of the mill, but is the most adventurous. He was the first one to figure out how to jump the gate and find his way to the bedroom.

Reese - One of the siamese twins - the one with the white patch on his nose. He is just sooooooo loving and sweet. Loves to perch on shoulders and purr in ears.

Mona - The other siamese twin. She's shy, but is the most vocal. A few times I've been convinced that a cat was dying a horrible death only to find her sitting in a corner and meowing her heart out.

All soon to be up for adoption at the Humane Society...

Right now I'm in my bed watching the pnc park fireworks through my bedroom window waiting for jb to come up from the cafe. It's been a long tough week.


  1. super cute kitties- I hope they find homes soon!


  2. Anonymous6/23/2008

    Sandra, Saw your comment re: long tough week. Hang in there. Also, very cute kittens. I was also not sure how to take the Siamese twins comment. But it doesn't appear they are conjoined ... :) BTW, you need to get on facebook! Anyways, just saying hi and hope you're doing OK. We had a great time with you two at dinner earlier this month. See yinz soon. Jay

  3. Anonymous6/24/2008

    geez - you sure show your kitten biases, eh?

  4. hey sister, i'm in town and i miss those little buggers...and you too! :)
    today is nathan's birthday but i'll se you soon! love stephanie

  5. Anonymous7/02/2008

    i love the black one she looks so cute