Sunday, November 16, 2008

Union Sq.

I'm in SF for our board meeting. The prop 8 protests were happening around the country today and it was torturous to be able to hear the protests outside the hotel window while we were reviewing the convention budget. Luckily, we were on a brief break when the protest marched past the hotel. The room we were in had chest-height windows that opened onto the roof of the lobby which looked over Union Sq. So, as the protest went by, we put chairs in front of the windows and climbed out onto the roof and cheered the protesters. I'm so glad we were able to participate, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Once the meeting was over I joined some co-workers for dinner in the Castro, which turned into drinks, which turned into 3 am. I'm much too lame to be out that late. Now I'm going to bed and trying to hydrate. It makes me a little wistful to be in SF without jb. We were here earlier this year for EOC's wedding and I keep thinking about when we went to that little cafe on that cobblestone alley for lunch and didn't realize they only take cash so we had to amend our order at the register and ended up having to share a sandwich, but it was the best roast beef sandwich EVER.

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  1. speaking of waxing nostalgic, i'm glad you remember that meal rather than the chinese takeout.