Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week Four

Another packed week. Here's the run down.

Sunday - We took it easy as the last week took a lot out of us. (Obviously these aren't all from Sunday, the point is that there was napping.) So funny how a "taking it easy" day these days is about a million times more challenging than it would have been a few weeks ago.

Monday - Pediatrician appointment (see previous post) and Amber and Kristy (more friends from high school) stopped by to meet Leo.

Wednesday - Aunt Fanny brought Thai over for lunch, which I loved; unfortunately, I don't think Leo is a fan of spicy food as he was then up all night long. But he is a big fan of Aunt Fanny. jb practiced her "eating while parenting" skills.

Thursday - Leo and I cheered at jb's first soccer game of the season. Unfortunately, I don't have a single picture because I had my hands full with Leo. This was a challenging outing because there was no shade in the open field and I was on my own since jb was on the field. Also, my first attempt at nursing in public didn't work out great because the wind was flapping around the blanket I was using to cover our latching attepmts, which we still are working to perfect. Still, it was worth it to cheer on our favorite soccer player.

Friday - Leo and I stopped by jb's office so she could show him off to her co-workers. In the late afternoon we hit the neighborhood farmers' market. And for dinner we went to Uncle Daniel and Uncle Julian's.

Saturday - Big day. Leo began the day by visiting his fan club down in the cafe. After closing Aunt Larissa hung out with us for a bit and then accompanied us to Costco for some grocieries. After that we dared to attempt our second restaurant excursion to Max and Erma's. jb has nearly perfected her "eating while parenting" technique. To round out the night we stopped at the house to nurse and spend time with Grandpa, Uncle Nicholas, and Aunt Larissa. We even had a brief Aunt Fanny sighting.

Leo specifics:

  • His head control and motor skills are getting better - he's even getting his hand/thumb in his mouth regularly.
  • His eyelashes, which were virtually invisible when he was born, are beginning to grow.
  • He's beginning to cry tears, which is heartbreaking.
  • He's one of the few babies that does not like car rides. Usually when he cries we fix it by either holding him or nursing him - and we can't do either of those in the car, so car rides usually involve some crying.
  • He LOVES to dance. We regularly have dance parties and sing-a-longs. We've recently discovered his love for The Ting Tings. If we are in the car and he's teetering on a meltdown we can crank "That's Not My Name" and he will quiet down. It's magic.
  • Night time is continuing to go reasonably well (except for that spicy food night). Going out is beginning to go more smoothly. We can do back to back errands without a meltdown (on my part, not his).
  • Nursing is still going strong. I began using a nipple shield (which not everyone is a fan of, I know) to let some of the damage to my nipples heal - and it's made things so much better. I just hope I heal soon and we can transition back to not using the shield.
  • We've had a lot of rain this week (or well, this month), which he's loving.
  • He makes everyone smile. People love him and kids line up to meet him. Everywhere we go we have a soundtrack of "awwww"s. I guess that's true for all newborns, but I think maybe Leo is the cutest baby ever.


  1. Its amazing how much your life changes by one tiny little life.
    He is so cute!
    Love the photos!

  2. i continue to be impressed by how mobile you are already - it seems you both have really taken to parenthood :)

    he is ADORABLE! how do you stand from just eating him right up? :)

  3. love to see your little man's progress. he's adorable!!!! :)

  4. hahah those pictures of the nap wtih jb are priceless!

  5. Anonymous6/15/2010

    He is a well traveled, adorable little boy!

  6. He is just amazing! And look at jb - what a natural daddy! Love love love the eating while parenting photos - too cute :)