Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week Three

Week three has been a blur. It was busy; perhaps too busy. I'm so torn between wanting to get out to do things, and thinking maybe just staying home and keeping us all fed is challenging enough. Pictures are scarce and low quality this week - I'll try and do a better job.

Leo is three weeks old today. He's still cute. Still long. Still perfect. I also have a new respect for the power of suggestion - because after all those months of calling him monkey in utero, he has developed a striking resemblance to a monkey.

So, let's see if we can do a quick run-down of this packed week.

  • Uncle Jared's visit was short and sweet. I think Leo is a fan of his Uncle, even if he foolishly chooses to live so far away.

  • We went grocery shopping together for the first time. We picked up some groceries at Right By Nature and even sat in the cafe to have some juice and a muffin. This made us think that maybe we were ready to tackle a restaurant...
  • We successfully had our first restaurant outing. Aunt Fanny, Uncle Jared, jb, Leo and I all went to Pamela's for breakfast. I got my favorite - the blueberry hotcakes (but only if they have fresh blueberries! Some locations use frozen blueberries and it ruins the whole thing.) Aunt Fanny got two breakfasts (the banana-walnut hotcakes and she added chocolate chips, and also the two egg and sausage breakfast) AND a side of potatoes. (To be fair, I helped out substantially.) jb and Jared got the tex-mex omelet and the corned beef hash respectively. Everything was amazing. I heart Pamela's.

  • On Monday N8 came by to meet the little man and we attended our neighborhood Memorial Day picnic. All the Burgans attended, which was fun (and rare!). Leo expereinced his first rainfall.
  • Erika and Sara, two of my friends from my high-school days came by to meet Leo. They came bearing casserole and tomato plants :)
  • Thursday I had a midwife appointment and Leo had a weigh-in at the pediatrician. Leo weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz. So he's headed in the right direction, but still gaining slowly.
  • Friday Leo met Heather and Eliot (jb and I used to babysit Eliot when they lived nearby) and we went to Abi's house for dinner - Tostadas!
  • Saturday we had big plans, unfortunately it's been super rainy, so they didn't quite work out. First we went down to the river to check out Paddle at the Point. We managed to see the record-breaking floatilla just as it began pouring rain. That evening we had hoped to go to the free Guster concert at the Three Rivers Arts Festival but the combination of forecasted thunderstorms and being pretty burnt out from such a long week meant that we stayed in.

Leo ponderings:
  • He gets this round, red bump on his forehead between his eyes when he gets upset.
  • He has crazy long toes.
  • He is a generally happy baby as long as he's fed, dry, and being held. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep all three of those simple requests met 24 hours a day.
  • He's beginning to have a bit more awake time.
  • His eyes are this cool shade of blue-gray. They will likely turn brown by six months, so I'm hoping to get a good picture of this color.
  • He didn't poop for like 24 hrs, and just as we were getting really worried he pooped and pooped and pooped.
  • He slept for five hours last night!
  • I think maybe the bump (not the red angry bump, but the little white bump) on his forehead is a birthmark and not baby acne.
  • He likes going outside, and he loves the rain.
  • He is a hit at the cafe on Saturday and Sunday mornings and loves that there is a neverending stream of people in line to hold him.
  • His feet are adorably ticklish.
  • The way he flails his arms about like he's directing traffic or some kind of slow motion ninja.
  • jb and I are exhausted. Luckily Leo is getting enough sleep for all of us.


  1. don't forget N8 saw him too and melted into a wonderful puddle of love. :) how does this little man do this to us all!?

  2. wow, im impressed by how much you are doing - i was still being reclusive at three weeks! good for you!

    leo is *adorable* - what a sweet boy!

  3. He's completely adorable! He looks a lot like you (but also somewhat monkey-esque...). :-) I know sleep is at a premium, but from someone who is 5 months in, SAVOR these moments with him. They go by so so so fast!